How to Book

All bookings for After School Classes and After School Club are all taken through our website –

The site has three boxes on the first page.

Box 1 – Booking Information

Box 2 is for booking After School Activities.

Box 3 is for booking After School Club.

Click into the one you want and follow the prompts.

Sample 1

Kate wants to book her daughter in 1st class for Music and Art Club and then wants to collect her at 4.30 on Monday and 5.30 on Wednesday.

Kate logs into Box 2 and follows the prompts for Loreto Dalkey.

Kate can see that Music for 1st class is on Wednesday at 2.30 to 3.30 and Art Club is Monday 2.30 to 3.30.

Kate picks her classes and fills in the form and pays. Kate opts to pay in two parts so part one will leave Kate’s account on the following day. Part two will leave Kate’s account on the following month.

Kate now logs into box three to book for the After School Club.

Kate knows she needs her daughter in the club for one hour on Monday, when Art club ends so Kate picks the box that offers one hour of care and chooses Monday 3.30 to 4.30.

Kate knows she needs two hours care on Wednesday when Music finishes and picks the two hours care box and chooses care 3.30 to 5.30.

Kate decides to pay for all the care together. Kate has to enter her card details again as Southside Sports cannot hold card details.

Kate’s daughter is now booked for her Art Club and Music Club. Once these activities are over Kate’s daughter will be taken to the AFSC to await Kate’s arrival.

Sample 2

Jenny’s son is starting in Junior Infants. He won’t do a full day in school until Sept 12th so Jenny will have to organise his collection herself during the first two weeks of school.
Jenny’s son is active. Jenny decides to book him for sports on Monday Wednesday and Thursday. Jenny cannot collect until 5.30 any day of the week.

Jenny goes to Box 2 and chooses sport for Junior infants. These classes are lower in price than for older children to take into account the fewer weeks that Junior Infants will do this term.

Jenny books and pays for her sport classes.

Jenny goes to Box 3. Jenny looks for 3 hours of care on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each of those days care is from 2.30 to 5.30. Jenny needs 4 hours of care on Tuesday and Friday when her son will be escorted by Club staff from his classroom to the club.

Jenny worries about rain during the cold winter months. What will happen?

If it rains, children doing sport classes can now go into the After School Club with their coach. At home time the coach will bring the children who are going home, to the school gate as usual.

Jenny worries that she might not have time every day to think about food for her son.

In Box 3 is a link to The Lunch Bag Company.
Parents can buy meals for their child. The food will be delivered to the club and the staff will supervise the children eating it. Jenny is delighted that her son’s homework will be done when he gets home as Homework is part of the Club routine.


One hour of care 1.30 to 2.30 is online for Junior Infants with a start date of Sept 12th.

You can of course leave your Junior Infant for longer. Please call the office on 01 2351588 and the office will adjust the prices of the other hours for you to take into account the two week reduction cost.

The booking system will go live on Monday August 15th when Jill will be in the office to answer calls and emails =