What will happen if my child has an incident / accident during your classes?

Daily Basis

Every coach will carry with them the contact numbers for parents or designated childminder of every child they teach. (Supplied by the parents on the forms they fill in) A roll will be taken at the start of every class.

In the event of a child having an incident

An incident is when a child tumbles, goes over on an ankle, runs into another child and bangs a head. Something that causes the coach to stop the game and ask if the child is alright or wants to sit out for a minute.
All incidents will be reported to the person collecting the child.


Minor cuts and bruises will be treated on site with company First Aid kit. The parent or minder being informed of the details when they collect the child.
Notes of incidents and accidents will be recorded in the coach accident book to protect the coach and company.

More serious injuries

The coach will asses the injury. In the case of blood injuries the coach must protect themselves by wearing the surgical gloves in the First Aid Kit. In the case of a head injury the child will not be moved.
The coach will call the parent or childminder immediately and take instruction from them for further action. Then call the Southside Sport office to report the accident. Should the office be unattended, they leave a message.
In the event of a parent or minder being uncontactable the coach will call either Craig Aston, Ian Dumbleton or the Sport office who will take responsibility for futher action.
An accident report will be written up – in the coaches accident book within one hour of the accident occuring. On returning to the office – THE SAME DAY – the accident book will be handed in and registered with the Sport office. The Sport office will then type the accident details onto an accident report form and email it to the school.
The parents will be called by the office the same evening.